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Pot Roast- Tender sliced chuck roast
Beef Tips & Mushrooms- Seared serloin tips and fresh button mushrooms
Prime Rib- Slow cooked sliced prime rib 
Ham-  Bone in baked ham 
Stuffed Chicken Cordon Bleu-  Chicken breast stuffed with ham and swiss cheese and crusted with seasoned bread crumbs
Baked Chicken-  Juicy oven baked chicken
BBQ Chicken-  Juicy grilled chicken with BBQ sauce 
Seafood Boil-  Complete with shrimp, mussels, cod, kielbasa, red potatoes and corn
Salmon- Baked salmon filet
Tuna-  Baked tuna filet
Cod- Baked cod filet
Choice of potato includes: baked, mashed, Au Gratin, baby reds or cheesy hashbrowns 
Choice of vegetables include: mixed veggies, buttered carrots or asparagus
Choice of salad includes:  mixed green tossed salad, fruit salad or four bean salad.  Dressing choices include: ranch, french, italian or raspberry vinagrette (others may be requested) 
---- 1 (large) ---- 4 (large)
 ---- 3 (large) ---- 11 (large)
 ---- 10 (large)  ---- 8 (large)
 ---- 7 (large)  ---- 6 (large)
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